Consider using LDAP for authentication

For those who don't know what LDAP stands for, it is - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol for accessing and maintaining directory information service over an IP nerwork.

Why authenticate with LDAP when you can store passwords in the database? This is an obvious question. However, with people having to deal with many different usernames and passwords, it becomes difficult for them to remember or manage their account information. Applications within an organization, for example, can make use of a central authentication for all their applications.

MathJax community updates feature Science Problems!

We are glad to see that MathJax community updates have posted a link to and also to the GitHub project repository. Thank you MathJax people!

The community update is here.

Surely, we are going to build an Open Repository for Scicence and Math problems of all levels. Stay tuned!

Science problems - A new project on GitHub

Science problems is an Open Source framework for creating a searchable database of science and math problems. The project uses open source libraries and tools like MathJax which is a JS library. The project is hosted on GitHub for everybody to pull and contribute. Content i.e. the problems and the solutions need to be in MathML format. There are editors like Formulator which help creating content in MathML format. Figures (images) may be added in the standard PNG or JPG format to problems and their solutions.

Testimonial from Marcel Zilkowski, OnPoint Media

Mein Name ist Marcel Zilkowski und ich bin Mitgründer der Internetagentur OnPoint Media aus Kirchberg – Deutschland.

Für einen Drupal Commerce Online-Shop haben wir eine individuelle und preiswerte Versandkosten-Lösung gesucht.

Bei unseren Recherchen sind wir auf die Firma CarvingIT gestoßen. Diese hatten bereits verschiedene Custom-Drupal-Module entwickelt und veröffentlicht.

Drupal commerce shipping - based on country and the product category

Recently we built a custom commerce shipping module for an online Guitar shop. The shipping cost was required to be based on the country selected in the shipping address and also on the size of the goods i.e. category of the product. A provision is also made to set a default price for a country/category for which shipping cost is not set in the database.

Example shipping method was used as the base to create the custom module.

Speeding up drupal driven sites

Drupal module - Boost can be used for high-traffic websites. This module provides advanced capability for page caching and compression for reducing high CPU usage. To a great extent, it reduces the bandwidth usage. Although some experience is necessary to enable and configure this module, it provides many config settings. At the time of installation, one has to update robots.txt and .htaccess. The htaccess file is updated to include rules related to boost.

The module is available for versions 6 and 7 of Drupal.

UTF8 double encoding

In one of our applications, we faced the problem of what we call "double encoding" of unicode data. The templating engine encoded some part once and the rest twice! As a result the screen showed unreadable strange characters. The solution, although temporary was to replace the calls to utf8::encode() with utf8::upgrade(). This in-built perl function encodes data if it is not already. We also had to decode the input from various different places like query strings, template files and database.

Searching with Zebra!

Zebra is a high-performance, general-purpose structured text indexing and retrieval engine. It reads structured records in a variety of input formats and allows access to them through exact boolean search expressions and relevance-ranked free-text queries. Zebra is a free software, available under the GPL license.