Smart collections of Web resources

We have launched an exciting feature called a collection type of Web resources! With this, admins of Smart Repository will be able to create collections using website addresses. Smart Repository's bot will crawl these websites and provide full-text search on all the indexed material.

Features in brief -

* Authenticated crawling is supported.

* All linked web-pages and documents are indexed

* A collection may contain many website addresses which will be crawled.

* A sleep time may be given for crawling.

Use cases -

Smart Repository is now powered by Elastic Search!

ElasticSearch now makes the search feature of Smart Repository even more powerful! ElasticSearch is more efficient in indexing and retrieving the data from full-text searches than the conventional database searches when it comes to large chunks of data. It is noticeably quicker. It also has a querying syntax which makes intricate queries in full-text search a possibility.

In the context of Smart-Repository, ElasticSearch is a configurable option. The new configuration option will require the ElasticSearch service to be running and configured in the application.