Smart Repository now supports remote storages

We are glad to announce that Smart Repository now supports remote storages. With this, users will be able to map a collection to a remote drive. Following types can be configured

* Ftp accounts

* Sftp accounts

* AWS S3 storages

Some more storage types like Google drive are on the list. We shall make another announcement once the code is released. 


Smart Repository is now powered by Elastic Search!

ElasticSearch now makes the search feature of Smart Repository even more powerful! ElasticSearch is more efficient in indexing and retrieving the data from full-text searches than the conventional database searches when it comes to large chunks of data. It is noticeably quicker. It also has a querying syntax which makes intricate queries in full-text search a possibility.

In the context of Smart-Repository, ElasticSearch is a configurable option. The new configuration option will require the ElasticSearch service to be running and configured in the application.

Unix style diff in Smart Repository

A new feature has been added to Smart Repository. A user will now be able to see the difference between two revisions of a document. Following are the highlights -

* Unix style diff

* Works for pdf, doc, presentations, spreadsheets and even images.

* Highlighting of removed or inserted lines or text is done in colors in order to highlight the changes.

Here's a screenshot

Revision Diff

Smart Repository: Meta filters update

* Users can now set up multiple meta filters on the same field. This way, it is now possible to set up a search over a range of values. e.g. search for research papers published between two dates can be done easily.

* Meta-field for filter is now a select menu. The field accepting the data changes based on the data-type of the field.

Meta filters - update to the interface

For fields of type "text".

Smart Repository: UI updates

* Number of revisions of a document can now be seen in the list view.

* Select menus now styled in material design with "selectpicker"

* Favicon updated

* Widths and alignment within columns changed

* If there's only one revision, count of revisions is hidden.

* Meta-filters given a nice style with a trash icon link to remove the filter.

Some more updates are lined up. Stay tuned!

Launch of

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that we, working in the capacity of development partner of LabWidget LLC., have launched successfully for beta testing. As more and more users sign up for the services, our focus will be to implement the feedback and new requirements taking the application to the next level.

LabWidget is a service of databases of lab reagents. Some unique features of the application are listed below.

Development update of #CloudStore

Some new features have been added to CloudStore.

  • Mapping of the directories on the server with cloud drives
  • A job that can be set up to run at regular intervals to upload whatever is available in the configured local directories.
  • A log of the upload that are taking place through the job.
  • More than one Google Drive accounts can now be configured and mapped to different directories on the server.

Next Steps