Recent projects

* Website of Aastha Breast Cancer Support Group -
* Corporate website -
* National Eclampsia Registry - This work is in progress. Will be launched soon.
* Icecast configuration - Icecast is an audio streaming server. This was done for ShadjaMadhyam's Tarang Radio. Some other updates like integration of JWPlayer with their drupal website were also done.

Push notifications on iPhones and Android devices!

We got push notifications working on Apple and Android phones. Two different services namely, APNS and C2DM are used for iPhones and Android based devices. Now working on notifications to WP7.

These notifications along with traditional email alerts are part of an application which will be launched soon.

Testimonial from a happy client (Thomas Franklin, Digital Book Index)

Thanks a lot, Ketan.

Yes, I've been meaning to thank you for doing a great job on our website. I noticed how much work we (ie, you) did when I was going back over our correspondence. In the end, it turned out pretty much as you had originally suggested when we started out (ie, modular). It just took me some time to understand its virtues. Our traffic has doubled since last January, and the old site would never have stood up.

Again, thanks for a job very well done.

Best regards,
Digital Book Index

Name servers set up!

We have set up our own name servers. They are now answering name resolutions of few websites from (master) and (slave). A mini-hosting service has thus started! We now develop, host and maintain websites.