Minimum cart-weight to checkout, CCAvenue integration and some Joomla work (मराठी स्वाद) is live now. We implemented a drupal rule to make sure minimum weight of the shopping cart is 5kg. If a user tries to checkout with lesser weight, they are shown a warning message and checkout is not possible. - CCAvenue integration on is complete. Some more updates related to customer testimonials and approvals will be done next week.

On, some problems arising from custom coding and Jooma's community builder were resolved. Some work on email aliasing was also required.

Serving files with X-Sendfile versus PHP's readfile() or fpassthru()

In one of our recent projects, php's readfile() function was the obvious choice for streaming files for music. Using a PHP script instead of direct http URL to the download file gives us much control. We can authenticate the user, log user downloads and perform other actions that are related to user login. However, with readfile() or fpassthru(), there are buffering issues on the server side. Besides, the script execution does not finish until the file is buffered client-side. This caused other ajax request to get delayed. The solution was to use mod_xsendfile of Apache!

Weight and address based shipping rates using Commerce Shipping and Flat rate method

We are glad to announce that we could accomplish applying different shipping rates based on weight of the cart and shipping address. Drupal 7 modules were customized for this purpose. The update was required for using DTDC as the courier service for the online shop of DTDC has all the countries of the world divided into 8 zones and they apply different rates based on the weight of the shipment for different zones. Setting up Rules->Components for the flat rate shipping method was a tedious part.

Non-obtrusive PayPal donations pop-over

Paypal donations module on is live. Visitors will see a non-obtrusive pop-over containing a donation form after a time-interval like 6 days (or even much smaller like 30 min). The time interval is configurable. This mod, which applies to all pages of the website, can be switched on or off easily by the owner.

There's also a link to the donation form in the header of some of the important pages.

Google Cloud Messaging update for Android devices

GCM notifications (Google Cloud Messages) for Android devices were integrated in a current system related to tele-diagnostic and treatment. The PHP/MySQL code-base also sends other notifications like iPhone push (APN) and Windows phone 7 notifications based on the types of devices people use. C2DM notifications have been discontinued.

February/March 2013 updates

* Joomla work on a new website. Assignment completed satisfactorily. Website launched and the client is happy.
* A drupal based website launched after content revamp. Some more updates are still going on.
* Leave management system based on php/mysql (custom coding) deployed after a few enhancements to the old code.
* PayPal integration to accept donations on is in progress. This will be launched soon.
* launched!

Updates from December and January

* launched. A few updates on were done after the launch.
* is almost complete. Will be launched soon.
* and launched.
* in progress.
* Work on second phase of Tele-Education application started
* Web services for a demo mobile application completed.

Another happy client!

We hired Ketan and Carving IT to implement an online database for our clients and affiliates to track the progress of their credit repair cases. Ketan was able to meet every modification and update request we set before him. His software helped streamlined our customer service and saves us countless hours to this day. His price was far less than his competitors and I am pleased we chose Ketan to undertake this project.

-- David Saleba, Principal, Commonwealth Credit Repair

Testimonial from a happy client

The wesbite is great. It saves us a lot of "phone" time because our clients don't have to call us often to check the status of their credit repair case now that they can simply log into their account themselves. Definitely worth the investment; we had a record breaking month in August and I know it's because we've been able to dedicate more of our time and energy enrolling new clients instead of answering questions for current clients who can now get their answers from the website you created.